Lyngby Shopping Centre

Christmas scenes for the perfect Christmas exhibition

Christmas is a magical celebration, filled with hopes and dreams for both children and adults. It is that time of the year something remarkably happens, and people comes together as one big family. Here at Creation group we praise Christmas, and all the things that comes along with it. That’s why we created a huge selection of Christmas decorations for the perfect Christmas scene, filled with Christmas reindeer, Santa’s helper, Santa’s workshop and much more.

With more than 50 years of experience, we definitely believe, we have created some of the most complete Christmas scenes. Christmas scenes which include some of the most beautiful crafted Christmas decorations. If you want attraction from other people, we have a lot of Christmas decorations with a wow-effect. Whether it is the visual movements of the animated figures or it is the vocal speaker. The animated figures will make every person feel the magic, and feel like they are young again.

Christmas Scenes and animated figures

Some of our most apricated animated figures is Santa’s helpers. Santa’s helper is iconic to Santa and to Christmas, and they appear often in our Christmas scenes. One of our most popular Christmas scenes with Santa’s helper is santas workshop. Which include Santa and the elves better known as Santa’s helper. This particularly Christmas scene has been created in European style, which bring nostalgia to all spectators. Santa has synchronized movements of mouth and eyebrows. He also has programmed movements in the whole body. The helpers move arms, legs and head, all to give the scene a more lifelike character. And the main focus in this Christmas scene is the loving and storytelling Santa, which makes this Christmas scene complete.

One of the most popular animated figures for kids is the Christmas reindeer. Specially this Christmas decoration “santa reindeer band”. Which include Santa and his Christmas reindeer band, the reindeers has movements in their heads, and Santa has 3 movements included. This small Christmas scene is perfect for shops with limited space for Christmas decoration.

Christmas Scenes unique for you

We have a lot of different Christmas decorations, all in which can be crafted in to one big Christmas scene, in just the way you want it. We are a very professional and creative team, who will be able to help you to assemble the perfect Christmas exhibition. Our team will make sure you will get your desires and needs fulfilled, and we are determined to put in all the effort it takes, to make sure you are satisfied with the Christmas exhibition. If it caught your interest, then you should take a look at this Christman exhibition Christmas Grottoe we created in Lyngby Storcenter. It shows what Creation Group is able to provide, and we definitely have a solution that’s perfect for you.