Behind the scenes – From idea to finished product, part 1

How is a Création Group product created? If you think we push a button and a machine starts to assemble the product, you are mistaken. We take pride in every signle of our creations. Therefore our animatronic figures are handcrafted at our Danish production facility.

First meeting

Our job is to help you create the most spell-binding experiences for your guests and customers, therefore we research the industry to make sure the products we create give value to you and your customers.
Based on the result of the research and our 50 years of knowledge in the industry, we start the designing process.


In order to produce the new products, it is important we have a 3D technical drawing, to make sure the mehcanical function of the animatronic figure work as desired. 3D visuals are furthermore important to make sure the design is spot on. We have our own grafic design studio that we share with our sister companies.


In our production we have skilled employees who re-uses mechanical technologies that has proved to work the very best. The process of creating a Création Group product is a joint effort between all our departments. Which is the reason our production is a great part of the designing phase.

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Posted on: July 10, 2019