Interactive solutions

We have made it easy for you to create engaging experiences for your guests. Greet your visitors with an interactive sensor that gets activated by movement or let the young and the young at heart rotate the handle to activate music and movement.

The possibilities are endless

Our different interactive solutions create engaging experiences as your guests become a part of the experience. It is possible to turn any of our displays into an interactive experience e.g. by using a push button for our animatronic bands or let them help Santa Claus with the presents for Christmas Eve by rotating a handle that activates the working elves.

Easy customization for standalone solutions

We have created an interactive experience that can be custom made to your desires with very little effort. You choose the console you want either a rotating handle or sensor detection, and then you choose the figure you like from our large portfolio of animatronic figures.

Besides creating the look you desire we can also use the sound you prefer e.g. if you have a signature brand jingle, or if you have a specific speak that you want us to use, just like in the case of Winter Wonderland and the green elf Ron, which you can see by clikcling either

Interactive Sensor with figure video  

Interactive rotating handle and figure video

Posted on: February 21, 2020