Visiting Bakeries in modern times

Authentic experiences

Visiting bakeries in modern times is not just for delicious fresh baked pastries, bread and cakes. A bakery has to create an environment and atmosphere that is more than enjoyable – they have to create an experience. An experience that fulfills the expectation of bakeries being authentic while providing modern pastries, bread and cakes – otherwise customers choose the bake off at their local supermarket.

Our strongest sense

Our sight is our strongest sense. It is what draws us to bakeries’ window displays along with the intensive recognizable smell of goodies. Therefore it is essential to create Instagram friendly displays, environments and overall atmospheres which Création Group helps bring to life with their handcrafted Danish animatronics.

Movement that catches the eyes

Animatronics help bakeries catch the eyes of customers walking by, when they bring a smile on their faces. Let Eddie the gingerbread show of the window display filled with Instagram friendly goodies, or let the traditional animatronic baker tell customers about ‘the bread of the day’ on his signboard, while carrying tastings in his basket. The opportunities with animatronics are endless and help bakeries differentiate from others.


Posted on: July 10, 2019