Visual experiences and influencers

We have asked our Managing Director Linda Fenger to express her throughts about visual experiences and interesting enough, she started talking about how brick-and-mortar retailer need to keep influencers in mind when creating visual experiences.

Linda Fenger, which major trends do you see in visual experiences?

We see that more and more of our clients are looking to present their products in themed environments in order to stand out and create unique brand experiences.

We also see that the visual experience has to change during the year following events and holiday seasons – events and seasons that the stores and shopping centres can tap into and utilize to their benefit to draw customers in. If the retail industry is not changing the experience several times a year, the experience become “common” where nothing new happens that the customers can engage with. This is the reason our amazing themed animatronics can be altered through a variety of clothes that we keep in our portfolio as well as the chosen themed props for visual experience.

What does a customer expect in visual experiences?

They expect it to be spellbinding and engaging and most of all instagrammable, if a visual look is not photo friendly it is nearly impossible to get customers to share their experiences online. That is why we believe that amazing and interesting backdrops for photo points (a “selfie” area specifically designed to make customers take experience-based pictures for social media) will be much more common in the future. These areas along with unique themed experiences are key in getting stores and shopping centres’ messages across, as it has become so easy for customers to block the information they don’t want (like ads), so themed experiences that are instagrammable is a must as it is “advertising” that customers want to engage with.

What special development do you observe in the international retail marketing?

Because it has been so easy to choose what information you want and what you do not want (advertising), the way retail can get their message across is through social media. We see more and more retail stores using many different kinds of social media platforms in order to be able to reach their customers on their terms. We also see that their communication is much more personalized than it used to be, and that influencers will matter more and more – but not in the sense that the influencer should be “the event” in retail, but that they should be the communication channel to their followers about what is going on in their retail store/shopping mall e.g. posting videos of their family having a great experience while shopping.


Posted on: September 9, 2020