Marcus Mistletoe, Designer



  • Height: 100 cm

Marcus Mistletoe is one of our five Hipster Mice that together forms Santa’s special Christmas decoration team.

To engage your consumers in the Hipster Mice’s stories we have created content fitting a Mousebook profile. You can edit this content so it fits perfectly to your needs. So if you want to advertise for a new product you can do it in a consumer-friendly and engaging way.

Mousebook profile example
Name: Marcus Mistletoe
Age: 29
Job: Designer
Lives: In a valley in Austria surrounded by mountains
Status: Married to Bianca and expecting their first child in March
Spare time: Travels the world to climb the highest mountains
Upcoming events: Christmas Lunch with Ole Elf
Groups: What not to do as a father
Favorite movie: Hang on – Climbing in Nepal

Moves his head back and forth and one arm around polishing whatever you want.


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