Mick Holly, Project Manager



  • Height: 100 cm

Mick Holly is one of our five Hipster Mice that together forms Santa’s special Christmas decoration team. Mick is the Project Manager in the team.

To engage your consumers in the Hipster Mice’s stories we have created content fitting a Mousebook profile. You can edit this content so it fits perfectly to your needs. So if you want to advertise for a new product you can do it in a consumer-friendly and engaging way.

Mousebook profile example
Name: Mick Holly
Age: 27
Job: Project Manger
Lives: France
Status: Living with his girlfriend and their 5 year old son in a 1 bedroom flat
Spare time: Loves to cook organic and spent time picnic and biking at the park
Upcoming events: Cook with cheese, Open House
Groups: Vegans 4 life, How farmers grow food
Favorite Movie: Mousatouille

Moves his head up and down, and one arm from side to side controlling the project.


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